LambdaConcept delivers professional training courses to understand and to be autonomous with modern hardware design and low level programming

FPGA Training Course


This training is intended to give the necessary hardware skills for software engineers that have an understanding of low level programming. It is focused on how to efficiently program an FPGA using Migen and MiSoC python frameworks, instead of relying on non generic VHDL and Verilog languages.

The training is mainly based on hands-on exercises. The student will be learning how to be autonomous with Migen and MiSoC frameworks from designing very basics cores to building complex SoCs running an embedded Real Time Operating System.


  • 3 days (advanced training)
  • 5 days (3 days + 2 days in-depth learning)

Attendees will receive

  • Training slides
  • Virtual Machine for hands-on exercises
  • Open Logic sniffer
  • Xilinx FPGA board
  • Other necessary accessories needed

Prerequisites of training class

  • Knowledge of C, Python, Binary manipulation
  • Laptop with Linux installed either in a VM or native, Ubuntu recommended.

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