LambdaConcept specializes in kernel drivers and low level development

We mostly work under Linux or RTOS environments to implement drivers using state-of-the-art kernel APIs, and to support any hardware present in our designs.

Our team is well aware of the performance impact of driver code and puts a lot of effort into addressing theses issues efficiently.

Among others, we have successfully delivered drivers for:

  • PCIe Gen3
  • DMA (Direct Memory Access)
  • USB3 SuperSpeed
  • USB2 OTG HighSpeed
  • Wireless (WiFi / Bluetooth)
  • Authentication / Cryptoprocessors
  • Flash memories,
  • Any custom FPGA core

We also collaborate with the Open Source community and some of our work has been upstreamed in projects such as NuttX RTOS or the Linux kernel.

Some of our work

FTDI FT60x Linux Driver:

Linux driver port for FT60x chip, reverse engineering from the proprietary Windows driver and library.


  • 1 to 4 channels
  • Optional “Notification Message Feature”
  • Configuration change via ioctl
  • Performance: > 3.5 Gbits/s R/W

View FT60x Driver on Github

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